General Topics

Not necessarily, on most cases you can switch at any time and there is no penalty for doing so. We would have to review your specific case for this matter.

That depends mostly on your policy type, auto policies are the most common to be affected by your losses. However you must keep in mind that all claims do stay on your record and they affect your rate or even eligibility when trying to place insurance with a new carrier.

We work with multiple carriers and the discounts vary depending on the company we are placing your insurance with. Among the discounts we offer there is advance quote discount, also when you bundle more than one policy with us. For auto insurance specifically most carriers offer the smart system discount which will give you a discount depending on the way you drive. For homeowners’ insurance you will get a discount if you install opening protection (shutters, impact windows, etc.), if your roof is replaced, or there is a monitored alarm system installed on your property. These are only a few, we would always recommend you seat with one of our agents to discuss your specific case.

Yes, again all carriers are different, you must discuss this with one of our agents, but most companies do allow agent of records changes.

Home Insurance

We can only insure your property for the Replacement Cost Value. None of the carriers we work with allow us to insure for loan amount as we are not insuring your loan but your property.

The insurance coverage does not go by market value, the real estate market could be up or down, and it will not affect your insurance coverage. Companies must always go by replacement cost valuation. The market value of your property is affected by many other factors like inflation, number of properties sold in your area, they include the land as well, etc.

No, flood is usually purchased separately. Very few carriers allow to include it on the home insurance policy but still it must be added as an endorsement to your policy for an additional cost.

Auto Insurance

For auto policies there are discounts for good driving record, for continuous insurance when you’ve had prior insurance and the time you’ve insured with that same carrier, multicar discount when you have more than one vehicle on your policy, homeowner, married, and much more.

There are several factors that affect the rate from one vehicle to another. Every vehicle is different, not only in value but also depending on the year of the car it might have more safety features, the size of the vehicle and speed affect the rate as well.